Custom Cakes - Made for Delivery & Pickup in Lahore

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Lahore's Original Luxury Baker

The best ingredients

All Cakes Are Made To Order - Nothing Is Pre-Baked or Batch Processed. We don't compromise in quality and our ingredients, and we cater specifically to those who appreciate the good things in Lahore.

Safe and convenient ordering

Deliver to your loved ones in Lahore, or pickup from our location in DHA Phase VI. We work with world renowned partners like Shopify, Paymob and Paypal to process your payments, to assure you peace of mind.

Real customer service

We're changing the way customer service is perceived in Pakistan. We're always looking to exceed your expectations with our 'Unreasonable Hospitality' approach.

Luxurious taste

We prioritize taste above all else. Enjoy the same moist, mouthwatering bite you'd expect from the world's finest cakemakers.