About Cake Monster

We are second to none when it comes to quality, taste and reputation - the keys to a successful cake brand!

Our Philosophy

What makes a really great cake? What gives it that special texture and taste that makes you feel as if it’s the best you’ve ever had? At Cake Monster, we want our next cake to hold that special place in your heart.

A great cake, in our opinion, evokes a flurry of great memories, an unending pleasant smile and the feeling that some days in life are worth living again and again. Go ahead, be a Cake Monshter. Make this one memorable for your friends, family and yourself.


Who We Are

Since 2014, we have been providing quality cakes for all occasions. Within two years, we have become the fastest growing name in baking in the city of Lahore – a testament to our passion for making great cakes, each and every time.

Whether it’s one of our classic favourites, or a cake designed to your liking, we are up for the challenge!

We work all the time with our customers in creating beautiful cakes that become engraved into memories for years to come.